About the Breeds

Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog is a strong very muscular dog with a beautiful thick coat that when left long will cover their faces showing only the nose (my personal favor look) It takes a lot of dedication to keep the full coat free of matts but it is worth it (if you have the time). However, they are as beautiful and huggable with shorter coat commonly called puppy cut. Read more.


The Sheepadoodle is a combination of a purebred Sheepdog and a purebred standard poodle, which result in a wonderful lovable dog that is the perfect companion for any family. Since this is a hybrid of the 2 breeds, there are no real standards. You can have a dog as large as 80lbs or as small as 45lbs, giving you the flexibility of being able to get the perfect dog for your family based on you desires. Read more