Breed Standard
The Old English Sheepdog is a strong very muscular dog with a beautiful thick coat that when left long will cover their faces showing only the nose (my personal favor look) It takes a lot of dedication to keep the full coat free of matts but it is worth it (if you have the time). However, they are as beautiful and huggable with shorter coat commonly called puppy cut.
A little bit of History
The Old English Sheepdog as a breed is believed to have originated somewhere in the nineteenth century in England. Originally the dogs where used to drive sheep and cattle to market, and these dogs were exempt from taxes due to their working status. To prove their occupation their tails were docked, leading to their common nick name “Bob” or “Bobtail.”
A Family dog
Of all the breeds I’ve ever known, Old English Sheepdogs are one of the sweetest most personable and easy going dogs.

In the young years very very very playful and perhaps a little clumsy and as he or she matures they become more mellow and more of a companion dog.

You will quickly discover that your dog may think he is a lap dog and whenever you sit in your living room couch he would want to sit on your lap without taking in consideration he is a full 60 or 70 lbs. of fur

All of our breeding dogs are health tested and have great temperament. All our puppies and well socialized since birth
The average size range from 60 lbs. to 80 lbs. with some getting as big as 100 lbs.
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