Our Standard Sized Puppies are sold as pets only for $2400, our bernadoodles are sold as pets for $2800, and our Mini Sheepadoodles are sold as pets only for $3500.

We ask for $300.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve your baby. Please call or email us for details on upcoming litters and availability.

To submit a reservation for a puppy, please fill in the application.

Update 05/09/24

8 standard sheepadoodle puppies. Still available:



We are so happy with the mini-sheepadoodle we got from Amazing Sheepies. Illiana talks on her website about how the puppies are very well socialized due to being raised in her house surrounded by kids and teenagers. We are finding that this is very true. Our puppy has been amazing. She is so sweet and smart. She immediately started using the backyard as her potty and even started using the doggie door on day two. She has been easy to crate train and even slept through the night on night 2. She loves puzzle types of puppy toys and she loves to be right up next to whichever hooman is closest. She comes when called and follows us everywhere. It’s so hard to believe she’s only 8 weeks!! She is the easiest puppy we have ever had. I know this may not be everybody’s experience because every puppy is different but I really do believe that Illiana‘s love for the puppies and the breed sets the stage for how they behave once they get into a home. Best decision ever.