Pure Breed Standard Poodle.
OFA Hips Fair.
OFA Elbows Normal.
Genetic testing all normal.
Max is our wonderful Poodle stud.
He is so handsome and sweet temperament, very mellow and smart.
He produces gorgeous black and white and white and sable and white puppies!

Sir Maximilian Bear (AKA Max)

Purebred Standard Poodle.
OFA Hips Excellent
OFA Elbows Normal
Genetic testing all normal.
Oak is our newest standard stud.
He is stunning and temperament tested.

He produces beautiful Black and White puppies!

Sir Oakley

Sir Maverick

Purebred Old English Sheepdog
OAF Hips Good
OFA Elbows normal
Genetic testing all normal.
Maverick is our new OES stud.
He is incredibly handsome and with a sweet temperament.
We love all of Maverick puppies. They are great looking and as sweet as daddy! 

Purebred Miniature Poodle.

OFA Good
OFA Elbows Normal

Genetic testing is all normal.  

Dash is our newest miniature Poodle stud.
He is so cute and has a sweet temperament, very smart.

He is fantastic, we are incorporating him into our breeding program to produce mini sheepadoodles.

Dasher Flash (AKA Dash)

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